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Updated March 30, 2015 


photo of Amy Miller

Amy Miller is an award winning media maker and social justice organizer based in Montréal. Her documentaries include No Land No Food No Life, a hard-hitting film on the economy, agricultural land grabs and the changes to farmers’ lives around the world and The Carbon Rush, a global exposé on how carbon offset projects impact local peoples. This film has expanded to include an online interactive game as well as a photo-essay book published by Red Deer Press (2014). Her first feature Myths for Profit: Canada’s Role In Industries of War and Peace and her short Outside of EUrope, which focuses on the exclusionary nature of immigration and border policies, continue to be screened around the world. She remains dedicated to developing critical documentaries for transformative social change and helping out grassroots campaigns for justice.


Dru_Oja_Jay_2011-07-18.pngDru Oja Jay is a Montreal-based writer, web developer and organizer. He is co-author, with Nikolas Barry-Shaw, of Paved With Good Intentions: Canada's development NGOs from idealism to imperialism. He is a co-founder and current board member of the Media Co-op, a founding editor of the Dominion, and co-founder and former Vice President of the French-language newspaper Journal Ensemble. He has been involved in a variety of campaigning groups, including Haiti Action Montreal, Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement, Barriere Lake Solidarity, Missing Justice, Comité d'Action Solidaire Contre l'Austérité, and Climate Justice Montreal. He also helped to initiate the Tatamagouche Summer Free School and co-organized it for several years. He has designed web sites for artists, businesses, cooperatives and non-profits, and currently works as a communicators officer at ETC Group. His current writing focuses on social movements, environmental issues and the solidarity economy.


Evert_Hoogers.PNGEvert Hoogers when not volunteering on a social change project is maximizing the enjoyment of retirement in Ottawa. Previously, he was a postal worker and union activist. Past presisident of the Vancouver Local of CUPW and elected National representative, and organizer with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, following a brief period in the B.C. student movement. Human rights and international solidarity has been a major focus of his work in the labour movement.. He has devoted significant time to researching government surveillance activities and advocating for greater citizen access to government information.


Michael_Goodman_sailing.PNGMichael Goodman a long-time Vancouver-based social justice activist and philanthropist founded Smart Change in 2008 to fill the vacuum that exists in Canadian progressive circles to squarely discuss and address deeply entrenched systemic blocks to transformative social and environmental change. Michael has headed up a successful advertising and public relations firm, and currently stands at the helm of numerous family-owned businesses which help to fund his many philanthropic endeavours.


Smart Change brings people together to resist the austerity agenda and supports efforts to build a just and ecologically sustainable society and economy.