Unite Against Austerity Campaign Launches


Smart Change campaign tackles agenda of cuts and corporate handouts

MONTREAL & VANCOUVER–They're talking about it in Athens, Madrid, Johannesburg, and Montreal. Thousands are protesting. Millions are voting against it.

So why is hardly anyone talking about austerity in English Canada?

"Unlike some other governments, Harper never announced sweeping austerity legislation," said Dru Oja Jay, a board member of Smart Change. "He went after women, then he went after unions; he cut public sector jobs bit by bit and attacked First Nations and migrant workers on the sly. He hid cuts to environmental regulations in omnibus bills."

"Everyone has felt isolated and fragmented," said board member Amy Miller.

Today, Smart Change launched Unite Against Austerity, a campaign aimed at connecting groups affected by Harper's austerity agenda.

In addition to the campaign web site (www.uniteagainstausterity.ca) events are planned in Vancouver and Toronto in April, and Smart Change will be distributing materials to activists across the country.

The campaign aims to ensure that all governments will think twice before considering austerity measures: policies that sacrifice the common good for corporate profits.

"The thirst for corporate profits is what ultimately drives the austerity agenda, and that goes beyond the Conservatives," Miller added.


Smart Change brings people together to resist the austerity agenda and supports efforts to build a just and ecologically sustainable society and economy.