When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.


The Harper Government has been entirely unresponsive to the findings of widespread election fraud by Federal Court Judge Richard G. Mosley into the aptly named Robocall Scandal in 2011, and has actively obstructed, underfunded, and grossly limited the scope of the investigation undertaken by Elections Canada.

Harper’s government rejects out of hand the wish of Canadians to fully empower Elections Canada to fully investigate and prosecute such unprecedented election fraud conducted on a massive scale.

It has rejected Chief Electoral Officer Marc Maynard’s report recommendations to prevent deceptive communications with electors, and has done little to restrict future harassment and voter suppression calls by political parties. 

It has ignored the will of the Canadian people and fast-tracked passage of the (Un)Fair Elections Act guaranteeing there will never be any future investigation without government approval.

It is now clear to most Canadians that the Prime Minister and his Cabinet will continue to cover up their crimes, and never grant citizen demands for a fully resourced independent inquiry into the election fraud conducted by Conservative operatives.

By long-held Canadian standards of democracy, transparency and accountability the Harper government is a failure.


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Prime Minister Stephen Harper You Have Betrayed Our Trust. 

We Demand That You Resign Immediately.


We the undersigned people of Canada do hereby declare that we have neither faith nor confidence in you, to hold the position of Prime Minister, nor in your cabinet to govern. 


We therefore demand your immediate resignation as Prime Minister, and that an independent national inquiry be immediately launched into the 2011 Robocall affair with full judicial powers to subpoena documents, compel witnesses to testify and prosecute all those who perpetrated any election fraud in the federal election.


We also demand adoption of Chief Electoral Officer Marc Maynard’s report recommendations to prevent deceptive communications with electors, and an immediate injunction (or repeal) of the Fair Elections Act (Bill C-23) to restore the integrity of Canadian elections.


We also demand that any resignation by you Mr. Prime Minister, or any other resignations or dismissals of persons in the Government of Canada or acting on behalf of the the Conservative Party of Canada will not absolve you, or your officers, from any criminal or civil responsibility or accountability related to election fraud.

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