OpEd by Smart Change Campaign Director Howard Breen

Oil and gas industry's right to profit vs. the right to live.

 Vancouver Observer, May 26, 2014



 View of Alberta tar sands plant in Canada. Creative Commons: National Wildlife Federation.


Telling Canadians to increase the extraction of fossil fuels in the age of climate change is like telling a drug addict to boost his usage because he's already dependent. How can the federal government vehemently oppose assisted suicide on the individual level yet promote self-inflicted destruction on the collective level? 

Whether you call it euthanasia, assisted-suicide or self-deliverance, end-of-life care on the individual level is vehemently opposed by the current federal government. Yet ironically, on the collective level, self-inflicted death is precisely what this government is doing in its push for more carbon emissions and rapid energy extraction from an already overextended planet.


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