One hot day this summer Smart Change and The Friday Night Club Crew hit the streets of Vancouver to find out what it is going to take to get Youth to Vote.

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Hundreds march in final Healing Walk in Fort McMurray   Read More

From Tarsands to Oceans: Resistance Building on the Eve of Pipeline Destruction Announcement Read more


Vancouver  No Enbridge Pipelines flash mob dance party  Sunday 5:00 pm June 29, 2014   Share



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Concerned Professional Engineers conclude 3.5 X the tanker frequency stated by Enbridge.     Read more


Oil and gas industry's right to profit vs. the right to live. Howard Breen – Vancouver Observer      Read More


As observed by Jack Jardine for Smart Change. July 21,2104 - In Oppenheimer park Homeless, mainly indigenous people assert right to live on unceded territory until subsidized homes are found for 19 people on their list.

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S**t Harper Did Punks Tories With Action Plan Parody Website    Read More



Meme Gallery Share


Confront Canada Day Tuesday July Ist Clark Park Vancouver   Share